Five Creative Ways to Spruce up your Living Space with House Plants

Plants breathe life into an otherwise lifeless space of your home and give the illusion of bigger and brighter rooms. Here are some creative ways in which you can decorate your living room, desks, bedroom and even your bathroom with small pots of roses, ferns, hanging plants and so much more! 1) Wall Ladder with

Interior Design Trends ’18 – Prep with Tiara Style Decor for the biggest influencers

Tiara Style Decor is all about timeless classical allure but even a classical look starts to feel dated if not accentuated to modern tastes. Keeping that in mind, we regularly update the looks we offer. This means no two projects end up looking the same; while still having all the hallmarks of having been designed

Interior Styling in Chandigarh, Creating Happy Auras – Cosy Winters with Tiara Style Decor

Winters are a time when you want to spend more time indoors given the cold weather conditions. To make the interiors as warm and welcoming as possible, a good interior designer is what you need. With their expertise, you can transform any space into a winter wonderland. There are some things that one should keep