Tiara Style Decor is all about timeless classical allure but even a classical look starts to feel dated if not accentuated to modern tastes. Keeping that in mind, we regularly update the looks we offer. This means no two projects end up looking the same; while still having all the hallmarks of having been designed by none other than Tiara Style Decor. With the newest trends of 2018 in mind, as the best interior designers in Chandigarh, we would like to bring to you ways you can update your interiors.


Ultra Violet: Colours are an integral part of decor and the Pantone Colour of the Year has a clout all of its own. This year’s colour, Ultra Violet, has a cheery vibe that can be used in variety of ways in a variety of settings. If you are looking for a more pronounced effect, you can choose to paint a wall in the beautiful shade of purple. For a quicker fix, add an accent chair or just drape a throw in the said colour on the bed or in the living room.


Travel Inspired: Why aim to create a look you saw at a friend’s place when you can create a look that inspired you on your last vacation. So, it could be Grecian living room, a Spanish bathroom, a Japanese verandah and a Vegas style boudoir. Decorating with pieces brought back from your vacations also brings back fond memories.


run riot on your walls creating a vivid and vibrant expression that is truly unique. It may be an abstract, a floral pattern, a comic strip or whatever else
you can imagine putting on your walls. Create something you will not get bored of easily. It is wiser to get something with many layers and depth so
that it grows on you and reveals itself afresh with changing seasons.


Statement Ceilings: Why keep the ceiling boring! Infuse some style up there and make heads turn. It is also a great way to put together a
bold look. Be it the use of colours, design elements, lighting, mirrors or more, each lends the ceiling a spectacular look. Go for something that complements your decor and takes it a notch higher.


Maximalism: Understated interiors are so passé; hook on to the maximalist trend. Stay within a colour palette and bring in textures, patterns and create the cosiest nooks. If it feels over the top to you, try it out in a small corner. Given how strong this trend is, it is bound to work its appeal into your home.

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