Plants breathe life into an otherwise lifeless space of your home and give the illusion of bigger and brighter rooms.
Here are some creative ways in which you can decorate your living room, desks, bedroom and even your bathroom with small pots of roses, ferns, hanging plants and so much more!

1) Wall Ladder with Plants:
Decorate a rustic wall ladder with dainty flowerpots or paint the ladder and flowerpots in soft pastels to brighten an otherwise dull room. You can also decorate the ladder with fairy lights to provide a cosy environment at night.

2) Kitchen Garden
Breathe life into your kitchen with an aromatic garden where you can plant different herbs that you can use fresh while cooking. This will not only look aesthetically pleasing but also make a plain wall seem professionally decorated as well. You don’t need to buy new planters, just re-use old tea tin boxes and get as creative as possible.

3) Living Room:
Decorating your living room with plants is common but still a great option. Just get a large pot of plant and place it next to your favorite sofa or that cozy chair in your living room. It will instantly bring alive your living room with a pop of freshness and color! You can even add earthy hues with subtle colors to create a tropical mood. Pairing yellow with blue cushions and towering plants in your living room will instantly give you the feeling like you are on a holiday in Venice. Other than the aesthetic feel, incorporating plants like ferns, palms, flowering plants help in creating a luxurious ambience.

4) Office Space:
Plants can be used creatively in and around your office like work desk, window sils, at the entrance etc. Studies have revealed that plants in office spaces helps people relax, improves productivity at work and encourages them to collaborate. Plants in cast iron pots helps to add a modern touch in traditional office spaces.  
Large empty spaces such as office lobbies can look univiting which is why incorporating plants will help to create more visual depth, and make the space look cozier and more appealing.  You can place plants in an open office layout to divide it into smaller, intimate spaces where people can meet, reivew work, relax or collaborate.

5. Bathroom:
Everyone wants a bathroom that feels fresh and aromatic. Instead of using artificial air fresheners which contain toxic substances consider plants like lavender as they add a refreshing fragrance to your bathroom.

Dull and boring monotones instantly come alive with small pots of plants that add a dash of colour to your bathroom! Plants come in different shades of green and they can still make your bathroom look lively even if you choose not to use coloured plants. You can also use vases in vibrant colours for that subtle or vivid colour pop. Using different shades of colour also adds to the overall allure and visual appeal to your bathroom. Plants fulfill many aesthetic, interior decor and functional needs. And the best part is they are far less expensive than décor pieces, fancy artwork etc. They also help in improving your health, lowers stress levels and improves the way the brain works. As mentioned in the post, plants have psychological benefits too as they help to improve productivity and reduce mental fatigue. You can also use plants, which have antibacterial qualities like Aloe Vera which is a natural air filter and also helps in treating burns, bruises and cuts.
So go ahead and buy a pot of plant today…start decorating your place and see your space come to life!

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